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What Is Sahelwa?

Sahelwa is purely a natural energy drink, a saffron product, to boost your vigor and agility. Sahelwa’s magical ingredient, Saffron, contains powerful anti oxidants, combined with CELL-GEN Activated Hydrogen Water that makes it a very potent anti-oxidant drink. It is an anti-aging nutrition for body.

Everyday, we face all kinds of stress. We consume all kinds of food that is unhealthy and many contain preservative and harmful chemicals. This causes our body to become acidic. Stress is one of the reasons that affect our cells. Stress causes cell oxidation. Sahelwa’s incredible components Saffron and CELL-GEN Activated Hydrogen Water help in revitalizing the vigor and fight against the aging of body cells.

It was always Bilal’s dream to take wellness to the world. After a decade of researching the ingredients & recipe to blend saffron with Japanese Cell Gen, Bilal has come up with this incredible product of Sahelwa, that simply represents Saffron, Healthy, Water.


Sahelwa Benefits

Sahelwa contains finest saffron from Kashmir. Mixed with CELL-GEN Active Hydrogen Water from Japan. This drink is formulated to provide many benefits:

For better blood circulation

Improves digestion and bowel movement

Reduce menstruation discomfort

Flavanoids and tannins Reduces inflamation

Good skin and reduce acne

Vigour and boost our energy

Regulate better heart condition

Promote hormone balance and fertility

For better eyesight and better vision


Sahelwa As An Energy Drink

Sahelwa Is Different

Energy drinks have become the buzzword in present health life. These energy booster drinks are exponentially earning fame among the sportspersons, chiefly weight lifters and gymnasts. Widely used throughout sports, these drinks help to enhance performance. But a host of energy drinks, shots, and gels are flooding the marketplace, promising to get you through your afternoon meeting, yes, but that’s just the beginning. Today’s energy products also claim to boost your workout, improve your health, and help you stay more alert.

Normally, Known for their fast-acting jolt, energy drinks tout a high dose of caffeine and a varying blend of “energizing” extras that include vitamins and amino acids and herbal supplements.  But the fact is Calories are simple energy and  it’s what our body uses for fuel. Any food, whether it’s a turkey sandwich, a can of soda, or an apple, has energy. Energy drinks should be thought of as calorie drinks.

They can pack a lot of them, too: For eg  A 16-ounce can of an Energy Drink has 220 calories, and a 24-ounce can Energy Drink has a whopping 420, almost as much as a double cheeseburger. Unlike most foods, however, most of the calories in energy beverages come from simple sugars. Devoid of fiber, fat, and protein, three nutrients that slow digestion, the sugar hits the bloodstream quickly, giving you the superfast rush you crave. Sadly, it’s short-lived. In the long run, having too many energy drinks, like consuming too much soda, can cause weight gain. In the short term, you are faced with the infamous energy-drink crash. Either way, you’re left tired and still looking for a lift.

Sahelwa Is A Little Different

It combines the values of an activated energy drink with incredible merits from finest Kashmiri saffron.

  • Anti-Oxidation
  • Good Natural Mineral Balance
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Detox
  • Deoxidization
  • Stable & Good pH Balance
  • Anti-Aging

Plus the saffron, a therapeutic plant, is considered excellent for stomach ailment and is an antispasmodic, helps digestion and increases appetite. It is also considered that in small quantities it regulates women’s menstruation and helps conception. In India, it is used as a herb in Ayurvedic medicines which heal a variety of diseases ranging from arthritis to Impotence and infertility. It is used for curing Asthma & cough and common cold. It is used in treating alcoholism and a few skin diseases. It is used for treatment of enlarged liver and infection of urinary bladders and kidneys (claim the Ayurvedic practitioners)


Sahelwa lets you control your body physiology your way, a healthy way and pumps you with:

A delicious, fast-acting energy blend.

12 full spectrum vitamins and over 65 major, trace and ultra-trace plant-sourced minerals.

An exotic saffron tang.

Easy to use, no more choking down pills or tablets

Science behind Sahelwa

First and only of its Kind in the World – Sahelwa is an appetizing energy drink with magical ingredients of finest Kashmiri saffron and incredible Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water. Sahelwa is a chiefly powerful Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging energy drink that rejuvenates you and makes you feel younger.

Water is a very essential element for us. But more importantly it is the quality and the composition of the drinking water that really counts. Normally water is capable of transporting minerals and trace element to all organs in our body, thereby helping in keeping our physiology balanced.

As an add-on, Water with Activated Hydrogen (AH) and Nutritional Ionic Minerals can do all these processes very effectively. Moreover when the composition is having a proper variation of finely processed Saffron, then the composition forms the elixir that is blessed with incredible merits of saffron and activated Hydrogen water.


To prevent cell oxidation (aging of cells) and to improvise the body immune system, Sahelwa mineral combine with Activated Oxygen to influence assimilation of large amounts of enzymes. This is known as Anti-Oxidation process.


When Sahelwa mineral(s) dissolves in water, we get large amounts of Activated Hydrogen and other Saffron components. Activated Hydrogen combines with excess Activated Oxygen or Free Radical Oxygen to form “PURE WATER (H2O)”. This is known as deoxidization process.

Other Essential Ionic  & Trace Minerals

With added essential ionic and trace minerals, Sahelwa supplements our body  with minerals that have been depleted over many years.

Good Natural Mineral Balance

Sahelwa makes up our diet that usually lacks essential minerals and vitamins. Sahelwa forms the excellent mineral mix necessary to sustain healthy life.


Sahelwa diminishes and neutralises the potential hazard that may be caused by excessive Active Oxygen in our body. This is achieved by converting  the Active Oxygen into PURE WATER (H2O). Sahelwa also helps to hydrate our cells & tissues that in turn maintain our body water (osmotic) balance.


Activated Hydrogen, present in Sahelwa,  combines with excess Oxygen, depriving bacteria its much needed oxygen to survive, thereby leaving no room for bacteria.

Stable & Good pH Balance

Sahelwa Ionic Mineral(s) and Trace Mineral(s) with large amounts of Extra-ordinary Natural Activated Hydrogen helps maintain stable & good pH balance. When Active Oxygen & Free Radical Oxygen in our body cells and tissues are neutralized and converted to pure water, it helps to maintain the pH balance.


Because of food adulteration and environmental pollution around the living circles, there is always a threat of pathological changes to human body.  Sahelwa makes sure to clean and detoxify the body with micro-molecular cluster water.


The main reason for aging is the water content in body which normally flows away with time. Researchers have found that the specific gravity of water that infants possess is about 90%, while healthy adults possess 75% and senior people only about 60%. Rapid wrinkling are signs of cells dying due to cell dehydration. Sahelwa hydrates our cells and tissues with incredible active saffron chemicals.

Long Shelf Life

Sahelwa has much longer shelf life compared to a lot of other water or bottled water due to its excellent water qualities and incredible composition.

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